Find Your Bag

Need assistance selecting the right size Wreck Bag? Here are some tips to help point you in the right direction.  


Wreck Bags have been used as the heavy carry element in over 15 different OCR series. The majority of these races require the participant to carry a 50# Wreck Bag up hill or carry out a number of Wreck Bag hoists. If you are purchasing to train for an OCR, we recommend a 50# bag or heavier. 



Most Boxes and Affiliates purchase at least 10-12 Wreck Bags in order to efficiently program a WOD. Generally, this breaks down to an equal distribution of light weight (25#-35#), medium weight (40#-60#),

and heavier bags (70# and up). 



Virtually every size Wreck Bag can been used to assist in rehabilitation purposes. 5#, 10# and 12# Wreck Bag Minis simulate carrying every day objects such as groceries or duffel bags. 50# and 80# Wreck Bags have been used to help get laborers back on the job by simulating the weight of plaster and cement bags.

First-responders can benefit from our heavier 100# and 140# bags to simulate moving or carrying another individual. 


Still have questions? Feel free to contact us for assistance.