HydroBead Bag - Portable, Customizable Water Bag (Not Pre-Filled)
HydroBead Bag - Portable, Customizable Water Bag (Not Pre-Filled)
HydroBead Bag - Portable, Customizable Water Bag (Not Pre-Filled)
HydroBead Bag - Portable, Customizable Water Bag (Not Pre-Filled)

HydroBead Bag - Portable, Customizable Water Bag (Not Pre-Filled)

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Versatile and Portable, you can GET WRECK’D anywhere, anytime!

  • HydroBead Bag ships flat making convenient for travel
  • Add water to dehydrated HydroBeads to create your customized Hydrobead bag (your best weight)
  • Soft outer shell and 6 convenient handles
  • Packs flat, great for travel (can be filled with water with no beads for travel convenience) 

Made with Pride in
Rhode Island, USA

outer shell

Heavy-duty, Great for

Can be used Indoors
& Outdoors

about this product

The HydroBead Bag by Wreck Bag is the perfect at home fitness tool. The functional aspects of the bags handles as well as the instability from the hydrobeads allows you to complete simple and effective movements that mimic everyday activities. The different handle options provide you with the same exercises as dumbbells, kettle bells and barbells and the hydrobeads provide you with the same experience as a Bosu ball, all in one compact tool. It's time for you to take your at home fitness to the next level with the all new HydroBead Bag



Now more than ever it is difficult to get access to a full gym to maintain your workout routine. The state of the art HydroBead™ bag allows you to mimic real life movements to strengthen your upper body, lower body and core! From squats to curls to push presses, the HydroBead bag can prepare you for anything life has to throw at you. You no longer need to rely on a pricey gym membership or state of the art at home gym to experience a simple and effective full body workout. Receive the benefits of full gym in one compact, versatile tool! Time to take back control of your fitness with the all new HydroBead bag.

The HydroBead bag is shipped flat to you, and YOU decide what weight you want it to be! Add the desired amount of water to your bag and let the technology do the rest. The water activated HydroBead's will expand and absorb all of the water inside the bladder meaning no LEAKS. For the first time ever, there is a stress free way to implement active stability training with strength training in ONE compact tool!

The HydroBead™ bag's soft outer shell has 6 different handle options making for one of the most versatile and comfortable workouts. Now you can Get Wreckd any where at any time. You Have Never Experienced A Workout Like This Before!

One Body. One Goal. One Tool.



Large: 40 Lbs - 50 Lbs

Small: 20 Lbs - 30 Lbs



The Wreck Bag HydroBead™ Includes

1 Outer Bag made of durable 1,000 denier nylon construction and industrial-grade Velcro® flaps to close the bag and keep it secure.

1 Bladder made of Heavy Duty Vinyl With 2 Caps For Secure Closure

1 to 2 Packets of HydroBead's  

1 Funnel For Easy Filling




people are raving!

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