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Highly Recommend!

We bought these for our members at Catahoula CrossFit in Ruston, LA and absolutely love them! It is an incredibly well made and versatile piece of training equipment which I highly recommend!

Marc H.

Wreckbag has changed my life.

I used to be a regular guy with regular fitness routines and wreckbag changed all that! From the moment I first laid eyes on my new bag I knew my life was in for a change.  You have to try this thing. Now I'm going to buy the wreck bag mini. Truly a life changer!

R.C. M.

So Much Better Than A Traditional Sandbag

I loved the wreckbag carry at the Central FL BattleFrog race. The wreckbag is so much better than a traditional sandbag... the easy grip handles, the material, the shape and the level weight distribution make it much safer, more versatile and more effective than a sandbag.

Alli T.

The Original Weighted Rubber-Filled Bag

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One tool with over 100 uses. It's time to #getwrecked.

Say goodbye to sand and hello to quality.

There's a reason the WreckBag has been voted "Best Overall Training Product" by Mud Run Guide and is the Official Bag of Ben Bergeron's CompTrain. With it's durable shell and revolutionary rubber filling, you'll never find a sand bag with close to as much power as the WreckBag.

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