Personal Protection Fitness Mask (Black)

Personal Protection Fitness Mask (Black)

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No Sand, No Measuring, No Hassle

Wreck Bags are versatile strength training tools pre-filled with a shock-absorbent, non-toxic rubber-blend.

Unlike sandbags, there is no need to purchase and measure out fill materials to achieve a desired weight.

See it in action with The Wreck Bag Exercise Video Library

Made with Pride in
Rhode Island, USA

outer shell

Heavy-duty, Great for

Can be used Indoors
& Outdoors

about this product

This reusable personal protection mask it’s built for maximum comfort and protection. With adjustable ear pieces, double layered fabric and a nose piece that molds perfectly to each individual, this is the perfect one size fits all mask and can be washed up to 100 times! Get yours today for only $11.99!

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