Wreck Bag OG: Pre-filled Functional Fitness Weighted Bag
Wreck Bag OG: Pre-filled Functional Fitness Weighted Bag
Wreck Bag OG: Pre-filled Functional Fitness Weighted Bag
Wreck Bag OG: Pre-filled Functional Fitness Weighted Bag
Wreck Bag OG: Pre-filled Functional Fitness Weighted Bag

Wreck Bag OG: Pre-filled Functional Fitness Weighted Bag

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One Body. One Goal. One tool


  • Do over 100 moves hitting every body part
  • Durable weather resistant outer material
  • Designed for indoor & outdoor use
  • Great for garage and home gyms
  • Easy to sanitize with everyday household cleaner or just hose down with soap and water
  • 20 -100 Lbs ( a perfect weight for everyone)
  • No Sand, No Leaks - keeps weight
  • Comes pre-filled with proprietary bead blend

*See Wreck Ribs to add more handle options

*Add Wreck Sleeve to add comfort on bare skin

Made with Pride in
Rhode Island, USA

outer shell

Heavy-duty, Great for

Can be used Indoors
& Outdoors

about this product

The Wreck Bag is the premier functional fitness weighted bag on the market! Unlike traditional sand bag’s, the Wreck Bag is pre-filled to your desired weight and contains NO sand so it doesn't leak and dirty your gym or home. The Wreck Bag can be used for over 100 different full body exercises including, curls, squats, lunges and overhead presses. Easy to store and easy to clean, Wreck Bag is the perfect tool to use for workouts both outside in the elements or in the comfort of your own home. The functional nature of the Wreck Bag forces you to engage your core with every movement making your workouts more effective.

Wreck Bag Spec’s

  • One Polypropylene outer material designed to withstand any workout
  • Two reinforced orange handles
  • One Inner bag pre-filled with a proprietary blend of beads
  • One Weight tag to identify the size of your bag 

  • ALL IN ONE GYM: The Wreck Bag provides heavy duty exercise in one dynamic weighted bag! Perform over 100 sandbag workout exercises with one Wreck Bag that tone every muscle group. Great for Crossfit and Endurance training, this fitness bag for weight training can be used both indoors and outside
  • SAND-FREE STRONGMAN SANDBAG: Unlike most sandbags for fitness on the market, the Wreck Bag provides a solid sandbag workout without the sand! Pre-weighted with a clean bead fill, this fitness sandbag eliminates the mess and hassle of sand so you can focus on your workout
  • DURABLE: The Wreck Bag is a water, mold, and mildew-resistant weight bag for exercise. Constructed with a weather-resistant outer shell, this weight bag is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • WEIGHT BAG WITH HANDLES: Ergonomic handles provide a sturdy grip for a heavy carry, total body workout, or some family workout fun. The durable handles on the Wreck Bag are designed for intense workout sessions with squats, presses, deadlifts, and throws
  • VARIETY OF WEIGHTS: The Wreck Bag is available in a variety of weights designed for every fitness level-20 lb, 35 lb, 40 lb, 50 lb, 60 lb, 70 lb, 80 lb, 90 lb, and 100 lb weighted bags available



  • Wreck Ribs: Attach directly to an existing Wreck Bag to create 6 handle variations. Easy to add, remove, or adjust. Features heavy-duty Velcro fastener. Size Chart: Small (20LB and 25LB bag), Medium (35LB and 40LB bags), Large (50LB+ bags)
  • Wreck Sleeve: This durable neoprene sleeve fits tightly around your Wreck Bag, between the orange handles, adding a cushioned layer for more comfortable contact with the skin. Easy to add/remove and machine washable. Size Chart: Small (20LB and 25LB bag), Medium (35LB and 40LB bags), Large (50+LB bags)
  • Wreck Strap: Double-handled strap that can be looped through the handles of the Wreck Bag and tossed over a pull-up bar or rig. Can also be used alone as portable suspension training tool. Size: 1.5" x 11.5'


Made with Pride in Rhode Island, USA


    Common Applications Include

    Home Workouts, Cardio, Core training, Upper and lower body, CrossFit, OCR, Rehab work, 


    • Can my Wreck Bag get wet?  Yes. 
    • Can I use my Wreck Bag outside?  Absolutely! 
    • How can I clean my Wreck Bag? Just wipe it down with a damp sponge or cloth, or if necessary, hose it off. 


    Sizes Include

    20LB, 25LB, 35LB, 40LB, 50LB, 60LB, 70LB, 80LB, 90LB and, 100LB

      Please Note

      Wreck Bags should NOT be dragged on abrasive surfaces (i.e., cement, asphalt), nor you should attempt to puncture or open them. Bags are best stored indoors out of the sunlight.

      Shipping Policies

      Wreck Fitness is only able to ship to 48 of the continental states. 


      Return Policies:

      - All Wreck Bag's have a 1 year manufacturer warranty meaning if a product is defective or has an issue directly related to a manufacturing defect, you have one year from the purchase to contact us and either receive a full refund or replace the product free of charge.


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