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Wreck Strap
Wreck Strap
Wreck Strap
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Wreck Strap

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No Sand, No Measuring, No Hassle

Wreck Bags are versatile strength training tools pre-filled with a shock-absorbent, non-toxic rubber-blend.

Unlike sandbags, there is no need to purchase and measure out fill materials to achieve a desired weight.

See it in action with The Wreck Bag Exercise Video Library

Made with Pride in
Rhode Island, USA

outer shell

Heavy-duty, Great for

Can be used Indoors
& Outdoors

about this product

No Bells and Whistles

The Wreck Strap is an 11.5 foot long, double-handled strap used for added versatility with your Wreck Bag.

Use the Wreck Strap with your Wreck Bag to add variety to your workout or by itself for suspension training.

The Wreck Strap is similar to other suspension straps, but without the bells and whistles (or high price point).

Made with Pride in Rhode Island, USA


The Wreck Strap Features

  • Durable, travel-friendly design
  • Ultimate versatility 
  • Low-cost suspension strap alternative



  • How do I use the Wreck Strap? Hoist your Wreck Strap by looping it through your Wreck Bag’s handles and tossing it over a pull-up bar or rig.
  • Is the Wreck Strap travel friendly? Yes!
  • Can the Wreck Strap be used as an alternative to other suspension-training straps? Yes! Just without the bells and whistles.




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Wreck Bag will not be accepting returns during the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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