Need assistance selecting the right Wreck Bag and size for you? Here are some tips to help point you in the right direction. 

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Wreck Bag XT is the perfect at home fitness tool.
  • Pre-filled with our original bead blend, you wont have to worry about sand leaking out of the bag or making a mess in your house.
  • The XT's 1000 Denier Nylon outer shell is built for strength and for comfort.
  • The 6 reinforced handles options allow you to complete 100+ different full body movements in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pair the Wreck Bag XT with our Wreck Bands and Speed Ropes for a complete home gym set!
  • The 15 - 25 lb XT bag is perfect for tabata style training and the 35 -50 lb XT is the perfect bag for compound movements and strength training.    


The Wreck Bag OG is most commonly used by CrossFit Athletes.

  • Unlike traditional Sandbags the Wreck Bag OG contains NO sand and is pre-filled with our custom bead blend. 
  • The Wreck Bag OG's polypropylene outer shell makes it the most durable bag on the market.
  • Mold and mildew resistant, the OG is the perfect bag to use for indoor or outdoor use. 
  • Most athletes start off using the 25 -35 lb bag and then progress to the 40 - 60 lb bag. Advanced Athletes use our heavier bags 70 - 100 lb bags. 


The Wreck Bag OG has been used as the heavy carry element in over 15 different OCR series.

  • The majority of these races require the participant to carry a 50 lb Wreck Bag up hill or carry out a number of Wreck Bag hoists.
  • If you are purchasing to train for an OCR, we recommend a 50 lb bag or heavier. 


Virtually every size Wreck Bag can been used to assist in rehabilitation purposes.

  • 5 lb, 10 lb and 12 lb Wreck Bag Minis simulate carrying every day objects such as groceries or duffel bags.
  • 50 lb and 80 lb Wreck Bag OG/ XT have been used to help get laborers back on the job by simulating the weight of plaster and cement bags.
  • First-responders can benefit from our heavier 100 lb bag to simulate moving or carrying another individual. 

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