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The Power of up to Four Wreck Bags in One

With this package, you can select and build your own Wreck Bag Python.

Up to four Wreck Bags (50LB-100LB each) + one Wreck Wrap = Python. 

Harness the power of the Wreck Bag Python, and you'll have the best team weight training tool in the game.

Made with Pride in Rhode Island, USA

All Materials in Each Package are Discounted at 10% MSRP.



  • What's a Wreck Bag Python? A longer (and much heavier) Wreck Bag made for team weight-training.
  • How do I build my own Python? Simply wrap 2-4 Wreck Bags in our versatile Wreck Wrap.
  • Is it easy to break down? Yes!
  • Can I use the Wreck Bags without the wrap? Yes! Each Wreck Bag can be used individually or as part of your Python. 

Sizes Include

  • Men Pro & Men RX: 3 x 100LB Wreck Bags + 1 Wreck Wrap
  • Women Pro & Women RX: 3 x 70LB Wreck Bags + 1 Wreck Wrap
  • Men Intermediate: 2 x 100LB + 1 70LB Wreck Bags + 1 Wreck Wrap
  • Women Intermediate: 2 x 50LB + 1 70LB Wreck Bags + 1 Wreck Wrap
  • Men Scaled: 2 x 70LB + 1 100LB Wreck Bags + 1 Wreck Wrap 
  • Women Scaled: 3 x 50LB Wreck Bags + 1 Wreck Wrap  
  • Coed Team Bag: 2 x 100LB + 2 x 70LB Wreck Bag + 1 Wreck Wrap 


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