Door Anchor For Resistance Bands And Wreck Strap

Door Anchor For Resistance Bands And Wreck Strap

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about this product

The Wreck Fitness Door Anchor is built to add versatility to your Wreck Band and or Wreck Strap workout.

- Whether you are working out at home, in your apartment or traveling, the Wreck Fitness door anchor is a light weight compact tool that allows you add versatility to your workout anywhere you are.
How To Use:
- To use the door anchor, simply slide the webbing over the door, close the door and the foam anchor will hold your bands and strap in place. Once the anchor is secure, slide your Wreck Bands or Straps through the nylon loop and get to work!
Won't Damage Doors/ Door Frames:
- Made of Nylon Webbing and Foam, this anchor is durable yet soft, ensuring it will not scratch or dent your door and or door frame.  



Shipping Policies

Wreck Fitness is only able to ship to 48 of the continental states. 


Return Policies:

- All Wreck Bag's have a 1 year manufacturer warranty meaning if a product is defective or has an issue directly related to a manufacturing defect, you have one year from the purchase to contact us and either receive a full refund or replace the product free of charge.


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